Do you know what you drink? Maple water

Coconut water and birch water – these two fellas are well-know to you, I’m sure about it. But have you ever drunk maple water? If not, it’s high time to taste it! Soon you will learn how incredibly beneficial it is in terms of hydrating your body and how fast it is to quench your thirst. What are other things that maple water can give you? Keep reading!

How to extract water from maple trees?

Maple water is obtained in early spring from the trees growing in Quebec. This is a place completely free from pollution, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. Collection of maple water begins when snow is still lying on the ground because in this time of year the sap is the most valuable, which means that it contains a huge portion of vitamins and microelements. What’s important to mention, the water obtained from one tree doesn’t harm the plant in any way; the tree keeps growing undisturbed as it was before the extraction. Maple sap is a clear, sweet and slightly sticky liquid that is poured into small bottles, it isn’t thinned down with anything, nor is it pasteurized. The only processes that maple water has to undergo are filtration and sterilization – these two processes guarantee the highest quality maple water.

What are the chemical constituents and properties of maple water?

Maple water has almost the same properties as coconut water. It contains around 50 nourishing substances including: B-group vitamins, magnesium, iron, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. It doesn’t contain gluten, preservatives and isn’t genetically modified. Moreover, maple water is low-calorie therefore it helps reduce blood pressure and regulate blood sugar. Apart from that, maple water:

  • moisturizes
  • soothes inflammations and acne
  • neutralizes free radicals
  • improves hair and skin
  • prevents baldness
  • invigorates and regenerates body

Did you know that…

  1. Maple water is used to prepare maple syrup. Over 40 liters of boiled maple water is needed to produce 1 liter of maple syrup.
  2. In some countries maple water is recognized as a medicinal drink that positively influences skeletal system.
  3. You can use pure maple water either as a drink or a constituent of dishes you make at home.
  4. Maple water is a good replacement for sugar and other sweeteners.
  5. Are you exhausted because you’ve been working out really hard at the gym? Or maybe you’ve just recovered from a really serious disease? Drink maple water because it is rich in electrolytes and will help your body regenerate faster.

Have you ever drunk maple water?