How to deal with hangnails and cuticles? My ways to keep hands neat

Skin surrounding nails is constantly exposed to damage, mainly due to its sitting – it’s located on fingers that do thousands activities per day. Why do skin surrounding nails break and jut out so easily? How to help skin to remain in a good condition? Here are my ways of dealing with dry hangnails and cuticles.

Why does skin around nails jut out?

There are many reasons that cause these nasty hangnails and cuticles. The most common ones are:

  • irregular hand care
  • unskillful manicure (too frequent cuticle removal)
  • nail biting
  • frequent exposition to detergents
  • keeping hands unprotected outside (e.g. freezing weather, strong wind)
  • tendency to dry skin
  • skin diseases (allergy, atopic dermatitis, eczema)
  • vitamin shortages (A, E, B-group)

How to condition skin around nails to prevent hangnails and cuticles?

When it comes to treating skin around nails, being systematic is what counts most: systematic application of a hand cream, systematic manicure and systematic use of nourishing conditioners.

I apply a hand cream after every washing because contact with water damages natural protective hydro-lipid coat of skin. Once my hands are clean, I treat them with a light moisturizing cream, but at bedtime I use a rich cream containing urea. I do my manicure every 10 days. I don’t remove cuticles with clippers – instead of this, I soften them with a special liquid or olive oil and then push back using a wooden manicure stick. Moreover, from time to time I treat my hands with a deeply nourishing hand mask. When I want to prepare it, I combine a teaspoon of my favorite cream, sweet almond oil and honey. Then, of course, I spread my homemade hand mask and let it sit for 20 minutes. If I have more time at my disposal, I put on cotton gloves (but you can use food foil) because warmth helps the hand mask deliver stronger effects.

What are my other ways of keeping my skin around nails neat? I try to eat healthily and drink fresh water. After all, a well-balanced diet is the core of healthy skin appearance. Additionally, I protect my hands with gloves – warm gloves when I leave the home to freezing weather, and rubber gloves when I’m about to start cleaning up the house.

My ways to keep hangnails and cuticles at bay

Preparation to remove cuticles

Once a week I soak tips of my fingers for 5-10 minutes in water. Then, I follow with a preparation that facilitates cuticle removal which is available in most drugstores. After 2 minutes I use a wooden stick to push the cuticles back. However, if the preparation appears to be ineffective, you can try to use clippers. Next, I massage olive oil into the skin around nails.

Cream with urea and nail olive to deal with hangnails

These products are a must! Throughout a day – every time I feel like doing this – I apply a hand cream and rub olive into dry skin patches.

Home treatments to deal with cuticles and hangnails

I just love carrying them out! The treatment that I like most is soaking the fingernails in warmed oil (e.g. jojoba or coconut oil) for 10-15 minutes. Sometimes I soak my nails in a milk-and-honey bath – it has moisturizing and smoothing effects.

Overnight treatment for dry hangnails

At night skin around nails should be exposed to doubled care because this is the time when skin absorbs nutrients better. For this reason I apply a thick layer of a hand cream/oil to hands and then put on cotton gloves. Thanks to this, the nasty hangnails starts curing and the skin becomes smooth and well-moisturized. However, if the problem of hangnails is more serious, so when the wounds are painful, I’d suggest you to use a special night dressing. This should help your skin recover faster.

What are your ways of dealing with hangnails and cuticles? What do you do to keep your hands hydrated? I’m waiting for your pieces of advice!