Fancy getting new fragrances? A few tips for you

If you think that buying perfumes is a simple and pleasant way of spending your leisure time then you’re wrong. For a start, it’s a good idea to learn types of fragrances to know the basic facts like for example that there are three fragrance notes and that a colour of perfumes may determine their purpose. Also, it’s worth knowing the best time¬†for¬†going for fragrance shopping.

Buying perfumes is a complex process

It’s barely possible to get the dream perfumes at first attempt. Therefore, keep in mind that you will probably need a few visits in a drugstore to find the right item for you. Arrange this beforehand so as not to regret getting a mismatching fragrance or buying perfumes that you haven’t get a chance to test.

Before you go shopping…

… it’s worth realizing that perfumes are composed of head, heart and base notes. The first one is sensed right after applying the perfumes, yet is fades away really fast. The heart notes can be sensed after more or less an hour after application. Depending on the perfumes, heart note lasts up to 2 hours. Base note in turn remains the longest and basically this is what defines the perfumes.

… know that we can distinguish a few types of perfumes. There are genuine perfumes (parfum) and water combined with genuine perfumes (EDP – eau de parfum), toilet water (EDT – eau de toilette), cologne water (EDC – eau de cologne) and refreshing beauty water (eau fraiche). The main things that make them different is the content of essential oils and alcohol. The concentration of the ingredients translates into the intensity and volatility of fragrance.

The early bird catches the worm

What’s the point in getting up early to shop for perfumes? Because in the morning your sense of smell is ‘fresh’ and it isn’t bombarded with thousands of aromas. For the same reason, skip applying any aromas to your skin because it may mix with the fragrances you’re about to test in a drugstore. Also, you shouldn’t use fragranced deodorant.

Theory first, practice later

Get yourself ready for shopping. Use online searching engines to type your favorite fragrance notes. Check out various combinations of your aromas. This type of tools will also suggest and recommend you fragrances that might be similar to the ones you adore.

How to buy perfumes: Useful tips

If you’re looking for some useful and universal tips that should make it easier for you to buy perfumes, see the following:

  • yellow, pink and orange colors may suggest that the perfumes are energetic and freshening up; they work best when applied in the morning.
  • green color is associated with nature and symbolizes the aroma of leaves and grass.
  • red color is a characteristic quality of oriental and heavy perfumes that should be applied in the evening.
  • violet and pink colors are connected with floral aromas.