Perfect lip makeup: Cosmetics, tricks and lip care

Every woman wish to have perfectly defined lips. How to create such effect? Here are the things that will help you achieve this beauty goal: beauty tips, color cosmetics that match your skin and effective lip care. Find out how to apply flawless lip makeup.

Pre-makeup lip care

If you count on creating flawless lip makeup, you should start with taking a good care of lips first. Obviously, using a lip balm regularly isn’t enough, so isn’t applying a lipstick base. Pre-makeup care should consist of the following elements: removal of dead skin cells, smoothing lip skin out, activating microcirculation in mouth and improving lip suppleness. Moreover, moisturizing, nourishment and protection are equally important.

Lip makeup products

If you want to define your lips, you can go for regular lipsticks and lip pencils. However, always remember to use a tiny flat brush to apply the lipstick with – this extends wear of the color cosmetic. Furthermore, mind choosing the right finish. Indeed, a matte lipstick can remain untouched for long, but actually it might as well crumble and flake off. Lip color cosmetics with creamy texture will give you moisture boost but they are fast to wear off and transfer to glasses while drinking.

How to extend lip makeup wear?

There is one simple step that will help you extend wear of your lip products. Once you coat the lips with a lipstick, place a tissue between the lips and close them. The excess lipstick will transfer into the tissue leaving the right amount of the cosmetic on your lips. If you feel that you have trouble with distributing a lipstick evenly, try to press the lips together and keep them like that for a short while.

Have you stained your teeth?

Sadly, it happens definitely more often than we want it to happen – while applying lip makeup, we somehow end up with red teeth. Luckily, this mistake is easy to fix, but remember to always get rid of the lipstick from your teeth – otherwise you may be in trouble later. Therefore, once you finish applying your favorite lipstick, always check your teeth whether they are clean.

How to make lips look bigger?

The good news is that you can create the impression of having bigger lips than you really have pretty easily. The first trick is to define Cupid’s bow either with a light-shaded concealer or a lip pencil with sparkling particles. The second trick is to apply a colorless lip gloss once you apply lipstick. This will also extend the lifespan of lip makeup.

Saute lips

Remember that you don’t always have to apply lip makeup. It’s a good idea to leave the lips ‘naked’ from time to time or treat them only with a protective lip balm. Give your skin some time to regenerate. When you resign form applying lipstick, you can use this time for collagen lip mask, lip scrub or any other type of lip beautifying treatment.

Shade of lipstick and your skin tone

If you want to look neat, you should know that the shade of lipstick you want to apply must match your complexion and skin tone. For example, girls with fair complexion can go for vivid and bald colors, even blood-reds. Those girls who have slightly darker complexion should make use of lipsticks with orange tints. The dark complexion owners should choose rose lipsticks.