Which mascara do I recommend? Meet my hit! Lashcode Mascara

What is the best mascara like? What kind of brush should it have: with silicone or nylon bristle? Should it be waterproof or not?

You are about to find the answers below. It’s a review I’d been getting round to for several weeks since I’ve got a really cool product to share with you. Let me introduce you to Lashcode Mascara! 🙂

How Lashcode got into my hands?

I bought my Lashcode two months ago after meeting my friend. She praised it, talked me into buying it, plus her lashes looked really hot so I wanted to give it a shot. Even more so because I had problems with finding the coolest mascara which gives a nice effect and won’t cause allergic reaction on my sensitive eyes. If it wasn’t for my friend, I guess I wouldn’t have bought Lashcode since the price* is pretty high.

* For current prices, refer to www.lashcode.us.

Lashcode Mascara. TOP CHOICE!

Formula and applicator is what makes a good mascara. Lashcode Mascara amazes with both a perfectly-designed applicator and silk-like formula!

Applicator of Lashcode Mascara

The brush has silicone bristles and it’s a saver since silicone is hypoallergenic whereas the bristles are soft and flexible. As a result, it doesn’t cause irritations, which matters a lot to me.

Of course, the precision of the applicator also flows from the bristles having various length in order to ensure even coating as well as separation. A narrowed tip lets us cover corner and bottom eyelashes whereas the size of the brush is just right.

Formula of Lashcode Mascara

It’s one of the lightest mascaras I’ve ever used, which means it doesn’t clump, stiffen or overload eyelashes. The product is really silky, coating each lash with a beautiful black color, making it long and keeping it soft.

Note! Lashcode Mascara isn’t waterproof but it stays untouched all day long, plus it is easy to take off!

Another noteworthy thing is a set of conditioning substances that nourish lashes day by day. It is based on plant waxes and mineral pigment, and contains:

  • soy germ and wheat germ extract.
  • Baicalein i.e. Baikal skullcap root extract.
  • provitamin B5 and vitamin E.
  • natural amino acid, that is arginine.

Amazing effects. How does Lashcode work?

The effect keeps me amazed. Without doubts it’s my favorite mascara and it doesn’t seem like I’m going to change it. One coating is enough to get:

  • lashes twice their usual length.
  • precision separation, extension and thickening.
  • outstandingly intense black lashes.
  • a volume boost for amazing definition.

It seems unbelievable that Lashcode lets us get the look that only a pro make-up artist would create as well as cares for our lashes!

How to make Lashcode keep our lashes healthy? By applying it on a daily basis! Lashes have increased sorption so nutrients of the mascara are absorbed well, strengthening the hairs day by day. I can clearly see that my lashes don’t fall out as much as before and look pretty even after taking mascara off.

Do I recommend Lashcode?

I heartily recommend it!!! If you’re into maximum lash extension, volume and definition, plus have sensitive eyes and seek a natural mascara, Lashcode makes a very good pick. There aren’t any drawbacks I noticed and I believe its higher price is not unfair because it isn’t like an ordinary mascara. Lashcode repays by taking care of lashes and giving a gorgeous lash look.

Let me know if you’ve heard of Lashcode before!