Hair caps: My MUST-HAVE hair care item

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I’m glad that I can welcome you again on my blog! 🙂 Today I prepared for you and all readers a short post concerning hair caps.

Hair caps are my little treasures. I just adore them! My hair is wavy by nature therefore such hair accessory works for me perfectly. Even though I know that I could live without hair caps, I have an entre collection of them.

Today I’ll tell you what types of hair cups we have at our disposal and why it’s beneficial to use them. If you have ever wondered what the point of using hair caps is, you should continue reading this post.


Hair cap. Do I really need it?

Let me put it this way: it isn’t essential but it’s worth having one. Why? A good hair cap helps you take care of your strands, protects against humidity while bathing/showering and against damage that is caused to hair during sleeping.

Of course, this accessory is far from being recognized as the latest trend and no-one looks like Marilyn Monroe in it. But we will do many weird things to look good, won’t we? I think that sometimes we can look a little bit less attractive – especially with no witnesses around – rather than have damaged and unmanageable hair.

What are the benefits of using hair cap?

  • Prevents hair from tangling during sleeping.
  • Eases hair combing after waking up.
  • Shield hair against damage and deformation while we sleep.
  • Helps lift hair and boosts its volume.
  • Defines the natural shape of curls.
  • Intensifies the effects achieved with various hair treatments.

What hair cap to choose?

It’s time for a quick roundup of the types of hair caps that we have in stores. I assume that you hesitate which hair cap should you choose. Do you even know how many hair caps types there are? I’d be happy to present you all the options available and tell you which hair cap should you choose to achieve particular effects – some hair caps serve better when put on overnight, others should be kept on head for a shorter period of time.


1. Plastic hair cap

Both the cheapest and widely-accessible one. You can get it pack in 100-pcs box. In general, they are one-use-only but I know that such ‘disposable’ accessories are used until they fall apart in our hands.

What can you use a plastic hair cap for? I mostly use it when I apply a hair mask to improve its effectiveness. This is convenient because you should let hair mask sit on the hair a little bit longer, and with the cap on, you are still mobile. I mean that the hair is secured with the cap so you don’t have to worry that you will stain something. I think that the price you have to pay for such convenience is incredibly small.

P.S. Some beauty brands add a plastic hair cap to their hair masks.

2. Bathing cap

When it comes to bathing caps, the material used for this item as well as the patterns are definitely wider. Stripped, spotted, flowery? Nude, intensive pink or pastel green? With a ribbon or without it? Trust me, bathing caps are available in all sizes, shapes and patterns – it would be a shame not to have one.

What are the main tasks of bathing caps? Firstly, its surface is water-proof which means that it protects your hair against getting wet – just think how often it happens that you want to take a shower but your hair is freshly washed? Alike a plastic hair cap, you can use bathing cap if you want to enhance the results delivered by a hair mask. Together with a hot bath, it will give you similar results to professional hair steaming treatment.

3. Cholesterol cap

It’s a really interesting type of hair cap – it looks like golden foil or a space blanket (those of you who carry it in a car know what I’m talking about).

Such hair cap is used for more advanced hair care. It has quite a distinctive feature – it prevents warmth from escaping, which leads to increased absorption of a hair mask or hair oil – especially when you put a towel on. In other words, you will achieve better results with this hair cap.

4. Satin hair cap

Satin hair cap isn’t anything fancy but it’s a really useful gadget, trust me. What can you use satin hair cap for? For sleeping!

Putting a satin cap on before going to sleep will help you prevent or at least reduce the risk of hair breakage. If you don’t like sleeping with a bun because the hair is deformed in the morning, here is when you should make use of a satin cap. When you get up, the hair won’t be tangled. Also, satin hair cap prevents splitting hair.

5. Net hair cap

The last type of hair cap is dedicated mainly for those with wavy and curly hair. One of the drying methods, that prevents frizz and flyaways, is using net hair cap. Such cap (made of fine net fabric) keeps hair in one place and facilitates blow-drying, especially when you use a diffuser. Once you remove the net cap, the hair are lifted and isn’t frizzy. Give it a try!

And this is where our trip in the hair cap wonderland ends.
Leave a comment below and tell me if you use hair caps.