Trying to Get Fuller-Looking Hair? You’re Doing It Wrong! Check Out Hair Volume Enhancer from Nanoil

Hello girls! Today I want to focus on why hair often loses volume even though it’s well taken care of. Many times, we’re the wrongdoers… Instead of hurting the hair with tricks for more volume, we should reach for an expert spray which adds fluffiness and lightness to hair. Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer is the one.

Hair care and styling routine isn’t easy when hair is fine and flat, and it often produces adverse effects. There are ways to increase volume but, to be honest, they do a lot of harm if you use them wrong. I’ll round them up and then present a safe, hair-friendly product which will solve all your problems with flat hair.

Flat hair – there are no magic tricks

There are no magic tricks for hair lacking volume. We should simply focus on lifting the roots and keeping the hair fresh for longer. Unfortunately, we all tend to go for “super” hacks which do more harm than good. What not to do then? What’s taking your hair volume away?

  1. Don’t touch it! You think that by lifting the roots with your fingers you make it more voluminous? Don’t do that! It does the opposite because you distribute the oil all over the hair. Besides that, your hands aren’t clean all the time so you transfer the dirt onto the strands.
  2. Don’t overwash! There’s a difference between clean hair and overwashed hair. When you shampoo too often, then the scalp starts defending itself by producing more oil. Plus, you strip off the natural protective barrier, which consequently makes hair more vulnerable and prone to damage.
  3. Speaking of damage, don’t tease the hair! It’s an easy way to lift the roots but it causes damage to the hair stem. Backcombing opens the cuticle scales, which does great harm in the long run.
  4. Don’t weigh your hair down! Hair lacking volume can be easily overloaded by hair products. Choose only the conditioners and styling primers which don’t create a sticky, greasy or stiff coating on the hair. Use them in moderation.
  5. Don’t overheat! High temperatures are a threat to the health of any hair, also hair which has no volume. A hot airflow from a dryer will help you lift the roots but then you may end up with very dry hair and scalp.

Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer – simple remedy for flat hair

To stave off hair-volume problems, you should go for a styling-and-nourishing combo in one product. Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer is such a cosmetic. It instantly lifts the roots for voluminous hair all day long.

The featherlight hair mist from Nanoil is packed with beneficial ingredients such as Wheat Proteins (stronger and easier to style hair), Keratin (hair repair, improved hair shaft, thicker and prettier strands) and Panthenol (denser and smoother hair, healthy shine, de-frizzing effect). They also take credit for boosting the volume of hair as well as nourishing and protecting it. Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer also moisturizes the locks and safeguards them from external factors such as wind, cold weather, strong sunlight, humidity, pollutants and smog. Formulated without heavy silicones – it won’t overload the hair or leave it stiff.

The application isĀ child’s play. You simply spray it on wet hair after shampooing or on dry hair before styling, comb the hair, and follow with your usual routine. There’s an instant effect of fluffy, voluminous hair. Long-term use guarantees healthy, shiny, damage-free locks. Suitable for all hair types.

Summing up, the hair volumizing spray from Nanoil:

  • brings more hair volume instantly
  • lifts the hair roots
  • thickens making hair look fuller
  • makes hair easier to style by smoothing the cuticle layer
  • delivers shine and nourishes while styling
  • builds hair’s resistance to damaging external factors

The official site is the best place to order Nanoil Hair Volume Enhancer and other Nanoil’s products. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by both top quality and reasonable prices.

Ever heard of Nanoil? What are your remedies for flat hair? Share them in a comment!