My vitamin A favorites! Review of retinol-based products

Today’s topic: retinol-based products.

I’ve been using products with retinol for long years and they’re really cool (especially for mature skin). You might be wondering why I need antiaging products if I’m still not that old. 🙂

Antiaging products make a good choice even for 25-year-olds. Don’t get me wrong. Your skin isn’t old when you’re 25 – the skin is simply mature and its ability to repair is poorer. Cosmetics with retinol have a preventive effect, making a great pick when we want to keep young-looking longer.

I heard about retinol skin care products for the first time when my beautician recommended it to treat my… post-acne spots. Yes! Retinol has a wide range of uses.


Let’s introduce the main character of today’s post. What is retinol exactly? Why it deserves a separate post?

Retinol is simply a well-known vitamin A. It’s been used by professionals as one of the most effective anti-wrinkle products for years. It took some time before we learnt that it is able to do much more than stimulate natural repair cycle of the skin.

The most important qualities of vitamin A making it a jewel in skin care:

  • it enhances collagen production and thus adds elasticity and tightens skin
  • it prevents inflammation, helping treat acne
  • it reduces sebum secretion so skin is less oily
  • it gently exfoliates, lessens hyperpigmentation and smoothes out skin
  • it accelerates repair and cellular renewal


You already know the effects. Let’s move on to where to look for retinol. You probably think it’s in many products since it’s a vitamin. You’re wrong, my dear.

The problem related to retinol is irritations caused by high concentrations, especially when the skin is very sensitive, gentle. That is why beginners must choose low concentrations of retinol (0,2 – 0,5%). Besides, vitamin A might have a photosensitizing effect so you shouldn’t apply it during the day.

Vitamin A is available in various forms: solo or infused in products. If you choose to use retinol on its own, remember about sunblock to keep the skin safe. I prefer retinol-based products – tested formulas that are safe to use and enriched with extra substances for complete skin care. You can choose between vitamin A creams and serums so products that work either gently or intensively.


To finish, a quick review of my favorite retinol-based products. I’ve tested numerous cosmetics with vit. A but only a few have swept me off my feet. Let me introduce you to:

1. Indeed Labs Retinol Reface

Indeed Labs bestseller that I love for the amazing effects. I must warn you, though, because it’s the most expensive anti-wrinkle cream mentioned here. Still, it’s worth it. Closed in a 30-ml tube, the formula is based on retinol and extra ingredients (incld. peptides). Retinol Reface is a night cream that smoothes fine lines, moisturizes, illuminates and brightens the skin.

2. Institut Esthederm Intensive Retinol

Whenever I need a richer formula, I reach for intensive anti-wrinkle cream from Institut Esthederm. It isn’t budget either but I noticed that retinol products are better when they’re more expensive… This one lasts long and effectively moisturizes, repairs and boost elasticity. I like to apply it in the morning.

There’s also 0,3% retinol anti-wrinkle serum in the same line of products.

3. Sesderma Reti Age

The third recommendation, a rejuvenating serum by popular Sesderma. Reti Age is based on three forms of vitamin A: retinol, retinyl and retinaldehyde. Thanks to the innovative technology, it deeply penetrates the skin, soothes irritations, adds elasticity, has anti-inflammatory effect and strong antiaging power. This translates to smoother, firmer and revitalized skin.

Hope you’ll make use my suggestions.
Let me know if you also have your retinol favorites!