Skin care guide: how to pick a perfect face serum with vitamin C?

Hey girls,

today I’d like to share a few practical tips on how to choose the best face serum and avoid wasting your bucks.

Even I was taken aback by the huge popularity of this very product. I’ve been treating my face with vit. C serum for a long time but had no idea it is so raved about and loved by my readers. Then, Korean skin care routine became hot, and serums became top choices of thousands of girls, including serum enriched with ascorbic acid.

Still, few users know how to actually pick the best vitamin C facial serum. Which one tops others? How to get round to shopping?

I decided to organize the things I know, my experience and info found online. That’s how the guide came to being. The guide leading you through the maze of face serums with vitamin C, letting you choose easily, quickly and accurately!

Let’s begin with a brief explanation, though.

Why face serum infused with vitamin C?

You might ask why serum and why with vit. C. The answer is very simple and you probably won’t be surprised.

Vitamin C is one of the most powerful antioxidants, gives an amazing glow, illuminates, eliminates dark spots and fine lines. The skin needs it to preserve the young looks longer.

As far as the advantages of serum formulas are concerned, serum is the most concentrated and lightest product that can be used regardless of the skin type. It lasts long, neither weighs down nor makes skin oily, and it is able to get inside deep skin layers. Its effect is more intense and thus serum gives better results than a traditional moisturizer.

No wonder that vitamin C serums are the most wanted skin products these days. 🙂

How to choose your best vitamin C face serum?

You can fall for the promises on the packaging, that’s obvious. But how do you know it isn’t just a gimmick?

You can choose the cheapest facial serum or the opposite – the most expensive one. But how to check whether the price reflects the product’s quality and effectiveness in any way?

Instead of picking an accidental product, test my tried patents for choosing a vitamin C face serum easily and rapidly.

1. Is the serum made of numerous ingredients?

If it is, this means no good. The idea of a serum is not about forcing as many substances into the product as possible. It should combine just a few ingredients that are the most effective and highly concentrated to work twice as hard. A long list of ingredients might mean the product is filled up with unnecessary chemicals: preservatives, pigments, aromas, parabens, etc. Brief INCI usually includes oils, plant extracts, vitamins and substances focused on a specific effect. And that’s the way!

2. What form of vitamin C does the serum contain?

If you persistently search for ascorbic acid in the ingredients and you can’t find it, that’s not a good sign. Moreover, the form of vit. C used in a product matters the most. Ethyl Ascorbic Acid or pure vitamin C (100% L-Ascorbic Acid) are the best. The latter should be combined with additional substances which help to transport it into the skin since it’s unstable on its own.

Other vitamin C forms you can accept in your skin care product include Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate, Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate and Ascorbyl Palmitate.

3. What extra substances does the serum include?

It’s actually a follow-up to the previous point. Pure vit. C needs a companion. It’s quite unstable and poorly absorbed so it should be infused in serums together with e.g. lipids found in fats/oils for easier, in-depth absorption.

Generally, we should check if our vit. C serum contains something apart from ascorbic acid. The best products are based on a few complementary ingredients e.g. oil, plant extract, other vitamin (retinol or vitamin E). If we want a moisture boost, we should check serums for hyaluronic acid.

4. Is the serum closed in a dark bottle?

Does a container really matter? Hell, yeah! Serum in a light-colored glass or translucent plastic bottle does not contain natural vitamin C; it either never had it or the vitamin broke down due to the sunlight. A dark glass bottle of vitamin C serum is one of the things that guarantee the product is made of natural ingredients and the manufacturer makes sure the serum preserves its properties long.

5. How is the serum rated?

Eventually, an essential thing: reviews. What do users think of a serum that you’re planning to purchase? Do any of your friends swear by it? Reviews make up the most reliable source of information on the product’s real results, its application and value for money.

Now you’ve got all must-know information 🙂

With this guide, you will easily choose the best face serum enriched with vitamin C made right for you.