Lush Botanical cosmetic collection. How do they work? What do they contain?


I don’t know about you, but I always had a weakness for natural cosmetics. One of my favourite ones are the ones from Lush Botanicals. There are three series available, each of which contains products with varied effects and a diversity of natural ingredients. If you are interested how they work, what are the effects and what’s their content, keep on reading!

What cosmetics are offered by Lush Botanicals? 

The Lush Botanicals brand offers cosmetics that provide nourishing, antioxidising, detoxifying and the so-called other purpose products. They are intended for the care of face skin, body skin, the skin around the eyes and mouth. Additionally, the brand has cosmetics in mini versions and some designed for men. They can be distinguished by the dark violet glass bottles and natural compositions. There are:

  • Day Cream Sunlight;
  • Night Cream Sunlight;
  • Antioxidant Serum Cream in the City;
  • Ultra Moisturises In the Air;
  • Micellar Water Rose Infinity;
  • Juice Refreshing Toner Juice in Motion;
  • Men’s Cream Wild Things;
  • Eye Serum Stardust;
  • Masque Ultra Hydrating Serum Rose Rain;
  • Anti‚ÄďAgeing Serum Youth Code;
  • Serum In Oil Beyond Time;
  • Body Balm Stay Naked;
  • Face&Body Butter Creme de la Creme;
  • Lip Butter Lucious.

Lush Botanicals Unique Cosmetics

Lush Botanical refers to their products and the cosmetics from the fridge. It means that there is a recommended way of storage. It is best to keep them in the refrigerator for about 10 weeks from the day of opening. Why is it so important? Lush Botanicals products contain natural ingredients, and when chilled, they provide better effects on the skin. Among others, there are: floral waters, vegetable oils, fruit extracts, vitamins and moisturizing substances (for instance, hyaluronic acid). They have a beautiful fragrance, creamy consistency and a packaging that makes every application easier. Cosmetics from Lush Botanicals are responsible for moisturizing dry skin, protecting against free radicals, providing nutritional substances and eliminating the first signs of skin ageing. The first effects can be observed after several applications of these products.