How to cleanse face skin? All essential questions answered

Are you aware of the importance of facial cleansing? If you’re a regular on my blog, you must know that this skin care step matters to me a lot. You keep asking me about the details, though. Today, I’d like to answer the most important questions related to facial cleansing. Enjoy!

1. What’s better – micellar water or cleansing milk remover?

I’m a fan of micellar water because I’ve got combination skin which leans towards oily type. Micellar water is amazing when removing all dirt and attracting sebum that my skin produces in excess. It’s thanks to micelles which leave it so cool and clean. Those whose skin is dry are more into milk cleansers that are gentle on this skin type.

2. We use micellar water so why use a toner?

Toners matter, always. They should never be removed from your bathroom. Don’t let the toner be forgotten. Micellar water will NEVER replace a toner because it doesn’t have a tonifying and soothing effect, and doesn’t balance pH either.

3. What is OCM and why it’s said to be better than micellar water?

OCM is a method that’s much talked about in the blogosphere and I’m really big on it. Cleansing with oils is a perfect way of washing the face and leaving it flawless. Not only does it remove make-up but also purifies skin. Skin pores are less visible whereas the skin looks radiant. A perfect solution!

4. Why are most make-up removers bi-phase?

That’s quite obvious: it’s essential for thorough make-up removal and doing away with all impurities. It turns out that make-up products have various ingredients – some of them are water-soluble whereas others are fat-soluble. This might mean a necessity for using two different removers, right? Not if you’ve got one good product made of two phases (water and oils). Before use, you just shake the bottle and cleanse for flawless skin.

5. Are face-cleansing bars worth it?

They are a bit controversial if they have a form of a regular soap. Soaps are alkaline whereas the skin is acidic so if you wash it using a soap, you change its pH. Let it go and keep it safe from such changes. There are soaps worth trying, though. For example Aleppo soap which is skin-friendly and suitable even for baby skin since it neither dries out skin nor irritates it.

6. Are all eco-friendly products skin-friendly?

Not necessarily. You can even be allergic to such cosmetics. They have fewer preservatives and go off fast, and we tend to ignore the shelf life. Then, we suffer from skin irritations. If your skin is sensitive, you might have problems with such cosmetics and break out easily – it turns out they are not clear of allergens or fragrances.

7. Why you can’t sleep with make-up on?

Make-up throughout the night?! It’s a top enemy of your skin. Just think, the skin repairs best at night and you deprive it of this chance. As a consequence, the skin ages, dysregulates and is covered with blackheads and pimples. Save it from the evil!

8. Do moisturizing substances have a chance of working if you rinse them?

Well-suited moisturizing cleanser stays in the epidermal layer of skin. Extended release products let the ingredients stay on the skin and moisturize it even after rinsing.

All of your questions have been answered. If you come up with some other face-cleansing dilemmas, let me know in the comments! 🙂