How to help your eyebrows grow faster and longer?

One in three women is not satisfied with her eyebrows and would love to change their appearance. Luckily, there are at least a few effective methods to have thick eyebrows. Do you already know them?

Most of the negative comments about eyebrows are about their appearance. Either they are too thin or too light, sparse, possibly too short and difficult to shape. We use make-up to draw missing hairs, and thick them optically. However, you can add a bit of volume if you take care of their health.


There are many reasons why your brows are in a poor condition. In general, their bad appearance always results from a weakened condition, lack of proper hydration, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. These are direct causes, but they had to begin somewhere.

The most common causes of poor brow condition are:

  • harsh rubbing during make-up removal,
  • toxins and pollution in the environment,
  • use of expired make-up cosmetics,
  • use of waterproof products,
  • lack of any eyebrow care,
  • over-plucking,
  • too frequent henna treatments and permanent make-up,
  • living in constant stress and rush + an unhealthy diet,
  • chronic diseases and taking certain drugs.

All of the above have a negative impact on the condition of the eyebrows, and therefore also on their appearance. Conclusion? It’s high time to pay attention to how we care for eyebrows every day and whether our choices don’t give them hard time.


The most important is to limit harmful factors that we have influence on, for example by removing the expired cosmetics or including in the diet products rich in silicon, zinc, biotin and vitamin A.

Only when we get rid of anything that can potentially harm our eyebrows, our efforts will bring some results.

What can you do every day to improve the look of our eyebrows? First of all, you need to treat them gently, because they are tiny and very susceptible to damage. For make-up removal, choose products with a natural composition that dissolve the cosmetic and minimize the need to rub eyebrows.

Keep in mind that it’s very easy to destroy your eyebrows. Sometimes only one move is enough. Improper eyebrow shaping can even lead to thin eyebrows that won’t regrow.


Fortunately, there are many ways to restore your eyebrows to make them beautiful and healthy. Check how to do it.

It’s good to begin with a break in eyebrow plucking. Although the regrowing process can initially be annoying, it’s worth suffering. If we let the eyebrows grow freely, it will be easier to give them a new shape later.

Of course, you can and should try to make your eyebrows grow faster, because they grow slowly or not at all when they are weakened. For this purpose, eyebrow serums have been created, that is products with a concentrated set of moisturising, regenerating and stimulating growth substances. If we use it on a daily basis, within 2-3 weeks we can notice that eyebrows are thicker and stronger, hence more beautiful.

Castor oil is often recommended for natural care. It should be applied every evening in order to see the darkening, strengthening and browning of eyebrows after a while. The disadvantage is, unfortunately, the slow action and very sticky consistency of the oil.

Also, an additional home treatment to thicken the eyebrows is a gentle massage. Of course, it will not replace the eyebrow serum, but it can improve its effect. Massaging the eyebrow with your fingers improves blood circulation.