Summer makeup mistakes. Let me tell you how to steer clear from them!

Hey Ladies,

Are you ready for the summer? Hydrated skin, smooth body with no unnecessary hair growing, sunscreen bought, perfect manicure and pedicure is done. It may seem that you’ve got everything under control and that each one of us is going to look stunning this summer. But what about summer makeup? And here is when a knotty problem comes up – summer makeup happens to be truly bothersome.

Summer makeup. Should you even do it?

The saying ‘less is more’ does really finds its application during the summer. Summer makeup should be as minimalist as possible to so we look good and don’t harm skin on the hottest days.

Actually, I’m a supporter of no makeup summer. In this way, I let my skin have some rest and the foundation that I normally use is replaced with a sun cream. I hate feeling that my colour cosmetics are melting and running down my face therefore on the scorching days I go for mascara only, just to define my eyes. Surprisingly, I noticed that after such a makeup rehab my skin becomes more radiant.

Sometimes, however, there are some events in your life that you just have to apply makeup to: an important business meeting, party with friends, wedding. Undoubtedly, there are some situations that oblige us to enhance our beauty with makeup. What then? Then you have to turn to summer makeup.

The perfect summer makeup tips

The best solution, when it comes to summer makeup, is this popular ‘makeup no makeup.’ A carefully applied camouflage of imperfections and subtle beauty enhancement makes the best choice during summer, which is definitely better than applying a thick layer made from a few different colour cosmetics.

Well done summer makeup:

  • Must even out skin tone and hide minor skin imperfections.
  • Neither can be too heavy nor should it clog skin pores.
  • Should enhance your beauty instead of altering it completely.
  • Doesn’t require applying dozens of colour cosmetics, but just a few.
  • Should be long-wearing, which can be achieved due to high quality products.
  • It’s good if it also protects the skin against the sun.


During the summer, the makeup you wear should be light and almost invisible because all the mistakes and too obvious contours (I mean, if you don’t blend the cosmetics well) will be easier to notice on a sunny day. Summer is rather unforgiving, therefore it would be far safer if you went for neutral makeup – use nude shades that are really feminine and delicate. The rest, which is making our face look more appealing, is┬áhandled by the sun that gifts our skin with sunny reflexes.

Summer makeup mistakes. Stay away from them!

  1. Too dark bronzer – this is one of the most serious makeup sins that can be committed during summer. A sun-kissed skin doesn’t require being contoured. Applying too much of a bronzer that is too dark is the fast track to achieve the results in makeup that would make us look silly. The matter might get even worse when you apply the bronzer to the wrong spot on your face, therefore it’s better not to use bronzer in the summer at all.
  2. Too heavy eyebrows – unless you have naturally full-looking brows, you shouldn’t try to make them look as if they were, especially during the summer of course. What I mean is that neither should you try to draw fake eyebrow hairs nor should you use too dark brow cosmetics. Otherwise, the sun will bring out all the imperfections of your, so to say, artistic work. Trust me, you will look better with thinner and fairer brows, the ones that suit your beauty type more. In other words, if the eyebrows dominate the entire makeup you did, so when they are the most eye-catching element on your face, then it means that your summer makeup is done badly.
  3. Mismatching shade of a foundation – another important issue concerns foundation shade. You make a serious mistake when you use the same foundation during the summer that you used in the winter. Why? That’s simple: in winter your complexion is pale and has no tan at all, therefore the foundation you use during this season will be too light in the summer. If you don’t want to look like death warmed over – I mean really pale – use other foundation for the summer. Of course, don’t apply too dark shade either because the result achieved will be unnatural as well.
  4. Too sumptuous lips – it’s definitely a better idea go for natural-looking appearance in the summer. Therefore, replace your vivid lipstick with a delicate lip balm that will give your lips moisture and softness as. Also, such product protects this gentle lip skin from difficult summer weather conditions. A dark lipstick won’t work this time because it may overburden the entire makeup, so to say. Also, you won’t look appealing if this dark shade melts due to sun exposure and smudge your face. To summarize, if you want to gift your lips with more color, better go for lighter shades. And always use a long-wearing product.
  5. Too intensive highlighter – indeed, summer makeup must be dazzling, yet overdoing with a highlighter won’t work to our advantage. Trust me, you better pay attention to the quality of highlighter you use, its shade, how much of it you apply and where. Why is it so important? Simply, if you use too much of a light-bouncing colour cosmetic and if you apply it to a wrong place, you will look as if you were sweaty.
    Okay, now, when you are equipped with my summer makeup tips, go and use the color cosmetics you have! And don’t be afraid that the scorching sun will ruin your work. If you apply the color cosmetics correctly, you can be sure that you will look gorgeous for many long hours!