How to make your hair look fresh in a snap? Fast hairdos

My dear readers, today I’m giving you a post that will take a fresh turn to your mornings and all the other occasions when you are in a rush. I’m not sure what is your worst nightmare in the morning but mine is the hairdo. There is no slightest change for me to arrange my hair to look like a decent human being so the only alternative that I’m left is a pony tail… and the same scenario happens every freaking day. A ponytail and pony tail again and again. Oh, obviously sometimes it’s a braid and braid. Honestly, it’s just got on my nerves – I constantly wear the exact same hairdo every single day. I’m not even mentioning the situation when I have to tie my hair back but it seems to be just ugly. Are there any solutions? How to make the hair look fresh in a snap? Check out my 5 useful tips!

5 hair tips: How to freshen your hair up and arrange a hairdo fast?

  1. How to make your hair look fresh in a snap? The unrecognized power of hair mousse Did you know that hair mousse has this marvelous power of making hair look fresh at the roots? Just apply it to the hair parts that gets oily faster and then use a round brush to style the strands, pulling them upwards. Alcohol that hair mousse contains dehydrates hair slightly therefore this solution would work well where your hair gets greasy; and don’t cause damage to hair.
  2. Talc, flour, cocoa: Edible hair rescue Indeed, this trick is a kind of ‘work shadowing’ – my mum used to do this. Nowadays, you can buy a dry shampoo which of course is the quickest way of making your hair look fresh, but such products often contain controversial ingredients therefore I advise you to use them in moderation. Far safer are the products used by our grandmas. Try to use baby powder, talc, potato starch or rice starch (in the case of dark hair go for cocoa). I do this fairly often, especially when I don’t have time to style my hair on a round brush. These loose products lift your roots up, boost hair volume, erase greasy scalp and leave your hair looking fresh.
  3. Tame the hair with a conditioner It works for my hair just MARVELOUSLY! I have a special moisturizing spray-on conditioner and this is the very cosmetic that saves my hair when it becomes incredibly unruly. I spritz the hair with it and then, suddenly, I take the control over all the fly-aways. Also, it’s easier for me to arrange the hair in a bun or any other updo. Sometimes I twist just the front hair using a round brush. When covered with the conditioner, strands become more prone to styling. Basically, using a spray-on conditioner is a proven way to handle unruly hair and fix the hairdo.
  4. Keep the hair ends at bay with natural oils Ends are the most unruly parts of my hair – they are often frizzy and don’t want to remain in the shape I give them. On such occasions I reach for my secret weapon, which is a high quality beauty oil. It knows how to smooth my hair and boost its natural shine at the same time protecting my strands from the external aggressors that damage them. Basically, natural oils know how to discipline hair – I use them even prior to doing a braid. Then it always looks good and shines. What you must realize though, use just a really tiny portion of a natural oil. Otherwise the strands might look dirty.
  5. A new way of doing ponytail. A 3-minute hairdo As mentioned earlier, the fact that I could wear only two hairdos rattled my cage. That’s why I decided to test and try out other fast hairdos that don’t require having any special manual skills. And this is how I came across an incredibly cool hairdo. It’s easy to do. Begin with tying hair up as if you were doing a regular ponytail and then slide the rubber down (just an inch). Divide the hair above the rubber into two even sections. In this way you create a ‘hole’ that you need to put the tail through. Slide the rubber up. Now, you can see two lovely rolls that appeared on both sides – so-called bananas 🙂 Of course, you can always try to arrange a messy bun. Just look for a tutorial video on YT – there are plenty of them. Although being easy to arrange, it has one drawback – it sucks when you have to put on a hat. My advice? Do the messy bun at work or school before starting the classes. This makes sense, trust me 🙂

That’s all. Have a lovely day! <3