Henna eyebrows. How to tint your eyebrows?

When everyday make-up becomes too tedious and permanent make-up is beyond your financial reach, a good solution is henna. How to apply henna? Can it be applied at home? Check below.

Nearly 100% of women are unhappy with the appearance of their eyebrows. They are too thin, too light or lack volume, and that’s why every day we emphasize them with the right make-up. There are several solutions – expensive permanent make-up, eyebrow serums, castor oil or henna.

HENNA is nothing more than a dye derived from dried, crumbled leaves of Lawsonia inermis, a plant found in hot tropical forests. It naturally has a red colour, but it can dye in more shades.

What is henna used for?

Henna perfectly dyes the skin. In Hindu tradition, it is used for mehendi, a custom of decorating the bride’s hands and feet with complicated patterns. Beautiful henna tattoos originated in India, where they are the most popular. Women also dye their hair with henna and darken their eyebrows and lashes there. Henna is also popular in Africa, where it has been used since antiquity.

Eyebrow henna

The tiny hairs on the eyebrow can be dyed with natural henna. However, the result will be red hair unless we add the appropriate supplements. Preparing natural henna can be quite problematic – the green powder from Lawsonia itself does not have colouring properties, it requires acids and temperature.

However, it’s easier to use ready-made henna available in chemist’s. Just use the right proportions and mix it to get an eyebrow dye. You can choose between many shades – from light, through darker browns, to black. Unfortunately, henna from the chemist’s has anything to do with the natural one. Usually it is a mixture of many different dyes, and often we can hardly find powdered leaves of Lawsonia in its composition.

How to tint your eyebrows with henna?

There are two options. Eyebrow henna is one of the treatments available in most beauty salons – it takes several minutes and gives long-lasting effects. However, if you want to save money, you have the second option. You can buy your own henna and learn how to dye your eyebrows by yourself. Contrary to some of the opinions – it’s not difficult.

Eyebrow henna – step by step:

1. Before you start:

Prepare henna according to the instructions from the package. Usually, it’s enough to mix the powder or paste with the hydrogen peroxide included in the kit. Before a first try, it’s good to do a patch test by applying a small amount on the skin in the crock of the elbow, on the wrist or another delicate skin. If after 24 hours there are no allergy symptoms, you can apply it on your eyebrows. You should prepare a fresh mix, because the one for the allergy test can already oxidise.

2. The application of henna:

Henna should be applied on the eyebrows following the instructions on the package. There is usually some information to be careful with the eyes during the process. It is best to use a thin brush or a cotton bud so that you apply it precisely to the eyebrows. You can also protect your skin by applying cream or petroleum jelly to the skin around the eyebrows. Still, it’s better to apply it carefully and only in the places that we can to dye.

3. Final steps:

Wash your eyebrows after 5-10 minutes. In general, the longer you allow the dye to work on the skin, the more intense the colour will be. You will also find some information regarding the recommended time of waiting on the package. After this time wash it with a cotton pad soaked in warm water. If you use any other liquid, for example make-up remover, the effect can be spoiled. If the cotton pad gets dirty, use another one until it is completely clean.

Effects – how long does it last?

Properly done, the effect should last about 2 weeks. Each day it will be paler, until eyebrows finally return to their previous colour. Then you can repeat the process.