The sleeping mask – check out what you can gain by using a good face mask!

We all know that night cream is a woman’s best friend but lately, it has gained additional help. The overnight face mask is a true hit! It combines the action of the serum, cream, and regular face mask. A huge plus is that overnight mask does not require to be rinsed down and absorbs really fast while delivering the skin with essential active ingredients while you are asleep.

The face mask is not only perfect but also essential complementation of comprehensive skincare. Its action is very clever as it uses the effect of sleep on the skin condition and in the meantime perfectly regenerates to prepare your skin for the new day.

Sleeping face mask – as any other – is available in many variants and should be chosen accordingly to skin needs.

Sleeping mask – how to use it?

The overnight face mask combines the action of the cream, serum, and regular face mask. The difference is in the method of removing it. The use is extremely simple and convenient, just apply a bit of the cosmetic to the face, neck, and cleavage and go to sleep.

The sleeping mask has more intense action than the one dedicated for use during the day because when we are asleep the skin absorbs active substances way better, regenerates faster and produces collagen. The lightweight creamy texture is easy to apply to the skin and when you get up skin is nourished, young-looking, rested and radiant. The overnight face mask should be matched with skin type and its needs.

Soothing sleeping mask

It is the best choice for sensitive skin prone to irritation. Among sleeping masks, highly popular are those with acai berry due to additional action it holds, i.e. prevents tech neck effect (wrinkles on the neck which appear due to leaning over the phone, tablet or a computer). Sleeping masks with soothing action on irritations also contain evening primrose or almond oil, sea algae, shea butter.

Moisturizing sleeping mask

It is perfect for sensitive, oily and mature skin. Hydration is the best thing that you can gift your skin with so include moisturizing maks and day creams to your skincare routine. Face mask prevents water loss, improves suppleness and elasticity of the skin. The moisturizing sleeping mask works for many hours boosting skin hydration.

Nourishing sleeping mask

It is ideal for many different skin types because all skin types require nourishment and to intensify the action of conditioning substances. It is going to be perfect for dull and fatigued skin with the first signs of aging.

Face masks with nourishing properties are products recommended for dry, fatigued, dull skin with first signs of aging. When looking for a nourishing overnight face mask look for ingredients such as allantoin, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, damask rose, cupuacu butter, collagen, and black rose extract.

Anti-age sleeping mask

An anti-age overnight mask is obviously the best solution for mature skin dealing with wrinkles and devoid of suppleness. The anti-age mask is enriched with strong active ingredients which get rid of free radicals. What should you look for in a good rejuvenating sleeping mask?

Check INCI for gold, black orchid, rejuvenating concentrate that can stimulate collagen production, but also look for hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, caffeine, coenzyme Q10, retinol, and well-known argan oil.