Chubby cheeks and big forehead? Tricks to slim your face down

Let me ask you a question first. Does it happen to you that whenever you look at yourself in the mirror, you want to change the shape of your face? Is plastic surgery the only solution that comes to your mind? If you really think this way, please stop! What’s the point in letting surgeons cut your face since there are far better, safer and more effective ways to slim your face down? And these life-savers include: makeup, hairdo, exercise, jewelry and cosmetics.

What’s the point in slimming the face down?

Undoubtedly, not every one of us is satisfied with their appearance. This is pretty normal among us, girls. We want to look flawless, have a symmetrical face, perfectly defined cheekbones, pointed chin and nice-looking forehead. Not only perfectionists may benefit from slimming their faces down – this skill should be found useful by those who have some anatomical problems with their faces. Plastic surgeries and surgical intervention aren’t the only solutions but, sadly, inevitable in some extreme cases. So, how can you slim face down without turning to invasive methods?

Slimming face down with hairdo

A good haircut and professional hair dyeing make fifty percent of the success. The longer your hair is, the slimmer and slender your face seems to be. Once your strands reach the shoulder-length, you can try to arrange the hair in curls or make it sleek. Also, a side part should do the job. Hair combed either on left or right side camouflages face blemishes and helps you trick a person looking at your face proportions. Actually, you can also wear a bun and let a few fly-aways free. Would you like to get bob haircut? Ask a hairdresser to leave two longer strands in the front of your face. Finally, layered hairstyles will make your hairdo look lightweight and soften your face contours.

Slimming face down with makeup

Makeup is a really good way of slimming your face down. You should give a try to facial contouring, which is application of colour cosmetic to enhance your face’s assets and hide its blemishes. If you want to do facial sculpting (which is another name for facial contouring), you have to use bronzers, concealers (light and dark shades), highlighters and makeup brushes. Face contouring can be wet or dry. In its wet version, you should use pressed or cake products, whereas in dry version you can use stick and creamy textured color cosmetics. “Okay, I’ve collected all the essential makeup items. How should I use them now?”, this is what you would ask me right now. In short, the light-shaded cosmetics have to be applied to the face parts that you want to bring out and enhance. Dark-shaded products should be put on the face parts that you wish to hide and camouflage.

Slimming face down with exercises

Face massage helps you shape your face, relax the muscles and lifts cheeks. Such therapy lasts approximately 10 minutes and you can perform it at home or just arrange a visit with a beautician. To make massage even more pleasant that it is by its nature, use natural oils or creams that will additionally improve moisture in the skin. If you want to perform facial massage that will slim your face down, focus on rubbing your forehead, cheeks and chin. You must be gentle and your face has to be relaxed. Don’t use too much pressure because you may end up doing harm to yourself.

Can jewelry slim your face down?

It appears that it can. Wear long earrings and necklaces. Avoid round earrings, pearls, chokers and other type of jewelry that you would put on the base of your neck. Additionally, if you put on some blouse with deep cleavage then you won’t only achieve the effect of slimmer face but also your body will look slender.

Slimming face down with beauty products

I have in mind the products that have skin lift, resilience improving and deeply moisturizing effects. Of course, you can buy commercial products or make your own at home. For example, make use of lemon juice or orange peel, natural yogurt, oat flakes and vitamin E capsules. Combine all the ingredients and apply the mask to your face. Remove after a few minutes and follow with a moisturizer. The main task of your DIY mask is handled by vitamin E, which is also known as the vitamin of youth. It is supposed to smooth your face out, regenerate epidermis and rebuild collagen fibers.

What are your ideas for slimming face down?