Home Methods to Thicken Brows: 4 Simple Solutions

What should be done when your natural eyebrows are far from looking trendy? When they aren’t thick and enhanced as they should be nowadays? Before you get permanent make-up done, give a try to a few effortless methods to make your brows thicker.

Just few women are truly satisfied with the look of their brows. Sometimes they are too thin, or fall out too excessively, other time their colour is too light or simply their shape isn’t exactly how we wish it to be. No wonder why we tend to seek for a help at a linergist’s office, where our thin and sparse brows miraculously transform into effective brow ridges thanks to permanent make-up.

Nevertheless, if we want to avoid spending our savings but we care for improving the look of our natural facial hair, we had better give a try to home methods of eyebrow thickening. Here are four ways which rule in homes of thousands women worldwide. Select the one which suits you best and give it a try.

1. Eyebrow Serum

The most popular solution is applying eyebrow growth serums. These professional products are designed to nourish, moisturise and regenerate the hair which protect our eyes. Basically, everything that has to be done is using an eyebrow serum regularly taking two simple steps:

  • the first step: precise make-up removal
  • the second step: precise application of an eyebrow serum

If we choose a top-rated product, the one containing high quality ingredients and formula, which penetrates skin fast then we can expect our eyebrows to become darker, stronger, more elastic, thicker and longer within 2-4 weeks.

2. Castor Oil for Eyebrows

A definitely cheaper, yet at the same time slightly less powerful solution is regular application of castor oil. The drawback however is that the consistency of the oil is rather thick and greasy, due to which the substance isn’t as fast to be absorbed by skin as the above-mentioned eyebrow serum. Also, castor oil is said to clump brows. On the other hand, to the advantages we can add nourishing properties, the diversity of vitamins and fatty acids as well as acceleration of hair growth. How to apply castor oil to brows?

  • Distribute a small amount of castor oil onto a cotton pad.
  • Apply the oil to the brows and spread it using the fingertips.
  • Keep massaging for 2-3 minutes.
  • Let it sit either for 30 minutes or overnight.
  • Rinse with lukewarm water and follow with a gentle face cleansing gel.
  • Repeat once a day for a few weeks.

3. Trimmer Instead of Tweezers

Since we wish to grow our eyebrows, we must stop plucking them out. However, it might appear to be quite troublesome for those who get used to regular eyebrow shaping by removing individual hairs from the brow ridge. Sadly, plucking eyebrows out contributes to their considerable weakening which in the long run can result in eyebrow thinning. Not only might they grow in smaller quantities but also the brows might become significantly weaker as well.

In this situation a trimmer turns out to be a highly useful device, which is a small comb with blades due to which we can trim brows without plucking them out. This is a safe, effective and very fast method of eyebrows shaping without damaging them.

4. Onion Juice for Eyebrows

A home method of getting eyebrows thicker, which might seem a little bit controversial for some people, is the use of onion juice. This is a vegetable rich in sulphur that prevents hair loss and supports eyebrow growth. How to prepare an onion eyebrow conditioner?

  • Blend an onion and press the juice through a gauze.

Then it has to be applied the exact way as a regular serum or castor oil. To clarify, damp a cotton pad with the onion juice, wipe the brows with it a few times and leave for at least an hour. In order to make the characteristic odour of onion less intensive, you can try to wipe the brows with a lemon juice once the treatment is over.