How does keratin hair mask from Nanoil work? [TEST]

Hey, today is a good day for a review! I don’t want to send you to sleep by writing a long introduction, therefore I’ll get straight to the point – I’ve tested Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask.

How did this bloggers’ fave product work for me? Did my hair like the mask? How does this keratin formula work? And finally, is it difficult to repair hair in this way? I’m going to answer these questions now.

How can you reverse damage in hair? With keratin!

Damaged hair is a common problem, and the factors that make hair weak are numerous. Luckily, no matter what is responsible for the damage, there is one protein that will fix it – keratin that hair is built from. You can supply your strands with it in a couple of ways, for example by sitting on a hairdressing chair and having keratin treatment done or sitting at home and putting on a product enriched with the very protein. And today I’d like to advise you to go for the latter solution.

Keratin hair mask from Nanoil

There are many keratin hair masks out there but I’ve chosen Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask. This product is recommended not only by bloggers and influencers, but also by hairdressers. Even my trusted hair stylist has Nanoil masks in his salon. This must mean something.

The fact that this is the best mask for damaged hair is justified by a couple of facts. The reasons why choosing it makes a good idea include:

  • lightweight and creamy formula that doesn’t strip hair off volume.
  • hydrolyzed, liquid keratin that is one of the key ingredients.
  • well-composed formula, free from artificial substances.
  • the possibility of using the mask once a week, or more often.
  • fair price for the amount of the product you get.

Who is this mask good for?

Who would I recommend Nanoil mask to? Mostly to those who have damaged hair, but this product is also perfect for weak, brittle and splitting hair because it restores the healthy and shiny look. I’d also suggest using this mask for dull and rough hair with a tendency to static and frizz. Lastly, Nanoil keratin mask will also help you even if you think that there is nothing that could fix your broken hair so you want to cut it short. My piece of advice would be: Before visiting the hairdresser, try the Nanoil mask, okay?

Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask – effects

How does it work? Very simply. It’s not a secret that proteins are the ones that repair hair damage the most effectively. Thanks to keratin, Nanoil mask is able to do the following:

  • smooth out the hair visibly.
  • leave hair healthy-looking and lustrous.
  • help the comb glide smoother.
  • counteract frizz and tangling.

Naturally, you need to give your hair a little bit more time to restore its fabulousness. I was applying Nanoil keratin mask after every washing and after 2-3 weeks I noticed that it:

  • strengthened and improved resilience of the hair on its entire length.
  • reconstructed broken fibres in hair.
  • stimulated self-repair processes in hair.
  • protects the ends from splitting.
  • prevents damage.

Constituents of Nanoil mask for damaged hair

The effects I’ve just listed above are owed to the well-selected ingredients that this keratin mask is composed of. It may be surprising but there are only two main ingredients that are responsible for improving the appearance of hair – liquid hydrolyzed keratin and panthenol. Hydrolyzed protein molecules penetrate hair significantly deeper and faster, so the repair is more effective. Panthenol in turn moisturizes, makes hair more elastic and stronger. And with the view of the fact that Nanoil Keratin Hair Mask is free from unwanted fillers, I can recommend it to everyone.

Is this hair repair difficult?

I leave the best for last because it turns out that exposing hair to such deep hair repair treatment is far from being difficult. I’m sure that it won’t take you longer than 5 minutes only, and that’s almost nothing, right?

Here is how you can use Nanoil keratin mask to prevent volume loss and deliver the maximum effects. What really matters is to apply this product after every washing and remove it afterwards. This is how your hair will remain full-looking despite being exposed to an intensely conditioning treatment.

I do this in the following way:

  1. I wash my hair with shampoo (I also use Nanoil shampoo from the same keratin series).
  2. I remove the excess water from the hair and apply a portion of the mask (a small portion, you don’t need much).
  3. I spread the mask evenly from the roots to the ends.
  4. I wait at least 15 minutes (I sometimes wrap my head with a towel).
  5. I rinse the mask with lukewarm water, making sure that there is no product residue left on the strands.