[TOP 7] The best ways to grow long and strong hair

Which one of us hasn’t dreamed about having waist-length hair? Unfortunately, it’s hard to make fine, brittle and thinning hair grow long, unless you turn to one of proven and effective hair care practices. Learn the best ones that will help you improve hair growth naturally!

Despite being built from dead tissue, our hair has to be exposed to beauty treatments regularly. The hair bulbs located in follicles are fully responsible for the way our strands look and how fast they grow. And this is exactly why the bulbs and follicles need to be given special attention and care that focuses on reinforcement and stimulation. In other words, if you don’t take care of the hidden parts of hair, you shouldn’t expect to see any improvement in the hair parts that are visible.

The best ways to grow long hair

If you care for growing strong, healthy and beautiful hair, you must take good care of it. It’s not always necessary to leave the strands to a professional hairdresser because there are a few home remedies that should help you achieve the goal. Here are the best methods for stimulating hair growth – fast, effective and cheap.

Application of castor oil

The best, the most popular and highly recommended way to improve hair growth is application of castor oil. It’s reach in substances that reinforce follicles, prevent hair loss and speed up the natural hair growth processes. All you have to do is massage the castor oil into your scalp regularly; do it in 1-2 hours before shampooing. The improvement in hair appearance will be noticed within a few weeks. You can take it for granted that owing to castor oil your hair will grow faster and become significantly thicker.

Reinforcing onion hair mask

Application of onion juice, which is rich in collagen and other hair-strengthening proteins, is proven to be equally effective as the method mentioned above. Even though this isn’t a common way to encourage hair to grow faster, yet it’s definitely worth trying out. How to do it? You can do it in two ways: you can rub either freshly squeezed onion juice or blended onion. The good news is that such hair mask needs just 15 minutes to deliver all the essential nutrients to the follicles. Then, of course, you have to wash the hair as usual.

Egg hair mask

A good way to make hair stronger – and at the same time to accelerate its growth processes – is application of egg mask. This is one of the long-known way of improving hair that has been passed among generations. Also, it’s incredibly easy to prepare such hair mask because you just have to combine an egg with olive oil and honey. When used regularly (before washing), this egg mask reinforces, rebuilds and encourages hair growth.

Rosemary oil

When it comes to natural ways of stimulating hair growth then there are no equal to essential oils. They are the only natural substances that activate microcirculation in scalp and dilate blood vessels. This is why the result of regular rosemary oil use (you should blend it with a natural oil – not an essential oil) takes the form of accelerated hair growth processes and stronger strands within a few weeks.

Cayenne pepper for hair growth

Another controversial but effective method of speeding up hair growth processes is application of cayenne pepper. This seasoning has one active component that promotes hair growth – capsaicin. This a natural substance able to cleanse and detoxify scalp, but most of all it stimulates blood circulation. Before applying cayenne pepper to the scalp, it’s better to combine it with irritation-relieving olive oil. Also, it’s suggested not to apply¬† cayenne pepper too often or too much.

Yeast drinking

Here’s another long hair idea recommended by many bloggers – making a yeast drink. This time the main substance responsible for improving hair fullness is used internally. How does it work? Yeast is rich in B-group vitamins, zinc and iron – substances essential for proper hair growth. Regular yeast drinking (infused in boiling water, not fermenting yeast) is a really good way to supply hair with the very essential nutrients which consequently leads to promoting hair growth.

Regular scalp massaging 

As the last one, a treatment that seemingly has nothing in common with hair care. It goes without saying that you can give massage to your scalp at any time of a day, while watching TV or at bedtime. Still, the best effects are achieved when the massage is given during hair oil treatment, while applying hair masks or washing hair – massage activates microcirculation in scalp and in this way nourishes hair better. And when well-nourished, hair becomes strong, fuller and most of all long.